Detailing Services

Individual Detail Services

Diamond Interior Detail

  • Vacuum, Dry Clean Carpets, Clean Seats, Recondition Vinyl and Leather, Vents, Instrument Cluster, Dash, Interior Windows, and Fragrance of your choice.
  • ​Starting at $105.00
  • Completion Time = 2-3 hours

Diamond Exterior Detail

  • Hand Wash, Wipe Door, Trunk, and Hood Jams, Buffing for Light Surface Scratches and Swirl Removal, Polish, Hand Wax, Clean Wheels and Dress Tires, and Exterior Windows.
  • ​Starting at $105.00
  • Completion Time = 2-3 hours

Full Detail Packages

​Luxury’s Quick Lane

  • Interior: Vacuum.
  • Exterior: Hand Wash, Wipe Door, Trunk, and Hood Jams, Spray Wax, Clean Wheels and Dress Tires, Windows, and Fragrance of your choice.
  • ​​Starting at $50.00
  • Completion Time = 1-2 hours

Diamond Full Detail

  • Includes all services listed in both the Interior and Exterior Individual Services
  • Starting at $195.00
  • Completion Time = 4-6 hours

Luxury’s Lane Package

  • Includes the Diamond Full Detail and Headlight Restoration
  • ​Starting at $270.00
  • Completion Time = 5-7 hours

Add-On Services

​Headlight Restoration

  • Our 3M Headlight Restoration process will clear your cloudy, dingy, foggy, hazy, or yellow headlights, all of which reduce your headlight’s distance by as much as 40%.
  • Starting at $45.00

Door Edge Guards

  • Door Edge Guards are used as an aide to prevent and protect your door’s edges from chips and nicks, which over time lead to rust. Protect your edges today so you don’t have chips tomorrow.
  • Price per quote.

​Engine Degrease

  • Have a greasy, grimy engine? Our engine compartment enhancement process is the answer.

Pet Hair Removal

  • Struggling with pet hair? Short, long, cat, or dog, it doesn’t matter, pet hair finds a way.
  • Price per quote.

​Fabric & Leather Guard

  • Guard against staining and keep your interior looking newer for longer.
  • Price per quote.

Wheel Repair

  • Repair your scratched and scuffed Alloy wheels.
  • Price per quote.

Paint Sealer

  • Looking for longer-lasting protection for your paint? Upgrade from wax to Our paint sealer, which will protect your paint for up to 9 months longer.
  • Price per quote.

Heavy Oxidation Removal

  • Does your paint have that dull, dis-colored look? You may not need a paint job. Our Oxidation Removal process can restore your exterior back to that showroom finish.
  • Price per quote.

Clay Bar Decontamination

  • Clay Bar Decontamination removes above surface contaminants, overspray, fallout, environmental contaminants, and restores a smooth glass-like finish to your vehicle’s paint.
  • Price per quote.

Ceramic Coating

  • The best protection you can add to your vehicle’s paint. With ceramic coatings, your car will stay cleaner, eliminate the need for wax, and provide a strong protective coating to the surface of your vehicle’s paint.
  • Price per quote.

Ask about our Custom Detail Services. By appointment only and Priced per quote.

There are additional charges for Large Trucks, Vans and SUV’s for all detail services, See Brochure or call for details.